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  • Where can I buy a copy of The Santa Tag?
    The book is still in production, we are working to have the story illustrated and are trying to have the book ready to ship by November 2020 for those who prepay for a first edition copy.
  • Can I order Santa Tags for my family?
    Yes, we are finalizing the design and production process for the Santa Tags and expect they will be ready to ship by September of 2020?
  • When will my items ship?
    While we are developing the full Santa Tag experience we will be shipping out items as they are completed. This may mean that you will recieve multiple shippments. We will reach out as products become available to see if you would like to hold items until a future date.
  • How can I help?
    Start to talk to your families about acts of kindness. share your Santa Tag moments on social media (#SantaTag) and with your family and friends.
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