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About Us

Christmas is a favorite time of year in our family. Over time, the stress of Christmas almost overshadowed the magic of the season. As parents, we looked at each other and tried to define what we wanted from this wonderful holiday. We realized our kids didn’t need outside motivators to behave. They needed to understand the spirit of the season. They grew to better appreciate how they fit into Christmas with its spirit of hope and love as they participated in spreading joy to others. We realized that the best way to keep this spirit alive was to recognize kindness throughout the year. We call acts of kindness Tag Worthy and recognize it in others as well as ourselves.

It seems counterintuitive to call attention to a genuine display of kindness. But we learned that as we acknowledged acts of kindness, we felt that warm Christmas feeling in our hearts and wanted to spread more kindness. That feeling grew even more as we wrote down Tag Worthy moments. This became a tradition of positivity that we wanted to share with as many people as we could.

Heath has many years of experience in the digital marketing world. Tristan loves writing and storytelling and has years of blogging experience. We both love creativity and art. After mixing talents as if we were mixing cookie dough, the Santa Tag business was created.

We hope this tradition blesses you and your family as much as it has blessed us.

With love,

Heath and Tristan Westover

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