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Kindness is Contagious

Kindness is often not taught but caught. The simplest act of kindness can melt the surliest of moods.

One busy December day despite my better judgment, I went to the craft store. I quickly found the fabric I needed cut to finish a project in time for Christmas. The line at the cutting counter was long. Only two girls were working at the counter making the line seem longer and unmoving. Worse than that, one girl was helping a trio of women with several baskets filled with bolts of fleece to be cut. The other girl at the cut counter was cutting as fast as she could to keep the line moving for the other waiting customers. Annoyance filled my heart the longer I stood waiting for my turn.

Then a magical thing happened. Someone asked the trio asked what they were making with so much fleece. One woman responded that they worked for the utility company. Each year they made blankets to donate to a non-profit organization that gave the blankets to needy children. The whole atmosphere changed. People stepped out of line momentarily to help find more fleece fabric. Others offered color suggestions and different combinations. The women had pulled nearly every bolt of fleece for blankets. Knowing why bred positive feelings. Their charity led to the rest of us expressing charity by helping.

My good mood continued as I drove home. As I was stopped at a light, a car behind me tried to inch around me into the left turn lane. Seeing his intent, I crept as far forward and to the right as I could to give him space. He barely fit between my car and the raised curb of the median. He gave a courtesy wave thanking me and I could see in his rearview mirror that his eyes were smiling. I felt amazing. It was such a little thing, but that little thing made a difference. I like to believe he found ways to pay forward the kindness I had shared because of my experience in the fabric store.

The spirit of Christmas is kindness. Many people wish that spirit could be felt all year. It can because kindness is always in season. Driving in and out of my neighborhood feels like starring in a personal parade as neighbors smile and wave at one another. Don’t be in a hurry either because cars will briefly stop to exchange pleasantries through the window. These interactions are even more important now with COVID-19 restrictions. Even conversations with strangers in other neighborhoods can fill souls.

Kindness can go a long way to making the world a better place. Have you seen a kindness shown? Tell us about it.

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