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Where did Santa Tags Come From?

Christmas tends to come with two different camps. First, there are those who embrace the spirit of the season. The other camp is for those who complain about the commercialism, greed, and time-consuming traditions of the season. The funny thing is, Christmas magic has a way of making even the grinchiest of hearts grow three times in size. This is because kindness is contagious and Christmas miracles truly do happen.

One reason why so many people enjoy the holiday season is because of shared experiences. Decorating a tree is more fun when done with loved ones. Baking treats is more enjoyable when they are shared with others. Kindness is also a shared experience. While it is important to treat oneself right, kindness is often given away.

The holiday season is a season of giving. While a Christmas naysayer can get grudgingly get through the holidays complaining every step of the way, most people embrace traditions because they foster kindness and a spirit of giving. This is how the Santa Tag tradition came to be. Elves-in-training already are earning their Santa Tags through kindness. The Santa Tag mission is to recognize and reward kindness while encouraging others to do the same.

Earning a Santa Tag is a way to let Santa know that the spirit of Christmas has been shared with others. One thing the Santa Tag family has learned is that we enjoy remembering our shared experiences. We love journaling about the kindness we give and receive then reading about it later. The warm feelings we get from recognizing kindness easily return each time we remember. Our family bonds over these memories. The special gift tags we have earned remind us of those experiences. It’s a wonderful feeling to leave the Santa Tags out for Santa on Christmas Eve.

In a world where selfishness is increasing, Santa Tags are a reminder of what really matters. What really matters is kindness, generosity, the spirit of giving. Christmas can be full of irritating obligations or it can be a joyful time of reaching out to others in love. The choice is up to each individual. The traditions are the same. The attitude in which they are observed is the only difference. Santa is forgiving. He leaves far more gifts than he leaves coal. Shouldn’t we give others the same benefit of the doubt?

Please help us by spreading the word about Santa Tag and pre-ordering a book. Recognize kindness in others. Earn your Santa Tag through acts of kindness. Help us change the world one act of kindness at a time.

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